The characteristics required of steel vary greatly depending on the type of application, shape, processing method, combination with other parts, etc., but there are important elements that greatly affect the performance and quality of the finished product.
Our original brand “ASK” is a steel material that is easy to process while having the optimum characteristics according to the application and specifications of the product.

Corrosion resistance

Stainless steel is made by adding more than 10.5% chromium to iron to make it resistant to rust.
In other words, corrosion resistance is an important property of stainless steel.
Normally, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel deteriorates as machinability improves, but the ASK brand has high machinability while suppressing the deterioration of corrosion resistance.


In order to obtain high precision, machinability is required for steel materials.
Steel materials with high machinability can improve tool life and realize stable production in unmanned operation.
The ASK brand has a diverse lineup that is suitable for various applications.

Mechanical properties

We understand the characteristics of each steel type based on our accumulated manufacturing technology, and provide products that satisfy the required mechanical properties such as tensile strength and hardness.

Physical properties

The ASK brand contains free-cutting components, but all of them have almost the same physical properties as the base material.

Product precision

We have a variety of products in standard stock, but we are also committed to manufacturing high precision products in order to improve the quality of applications.
Our standard stock = Conforms to outside diameter tolerance specified by Japanese Industrial Standards [Cold Drawing = h9 class, Grinding = h7 class]. Roundness・cylindricity:less than 1/3 of the tolerance.(Especially narrow range tolerance and Ferrite stainless steel discussed each other and determined)

Soft magnetic properties.

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Steel grade selection

The optimum steel grade can be selected based on the application and characteristics.

Product lineup

Pursuit of high precision